Elite Clinic – Hair Transplantion Center is a place where people who have problems with excessive hair loss and baldness can get professional help. Our clinic has been available on the market since 1999. We have experience in providing highest services in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, dermatology and cosmetology. We perform transplantation using the most modern method in the world – the innovative medical robot called Altras iX controlled by computer software.

A qualified and experienced team, the latest equipment

During everyday tasks we use many years of experience and substantive knowledge of our specialists. The team of the clinic consists of experienced doctors, nurses and cosmetologists with a wide range of knowledge in their professions and love what they do. Our common work is designed to help people struggling with smaller or larger defects to achieve an attractive appearance, regain confidence and well-being. We make sure that every patient feels comfortable in our clinic. During the consultation, the specialist explains exactly what the procedure is, what are the indications and contraindications and possible side effects.

We follow global news on an ongoing basis to be able to offer only treatments that allow our patients to achieve perfect results. We make a use of high-class equipment from reliable world producers. We would like to provide our services to all people who need them, that is why we offer competitive prices.

We make every patient feel special

We run two modern clinics in Warsaw – at 61 Złota street and at 8 Wąwozowa street. The facilities have been prepared in a way to ensure the highest level of safety during every procedure. We know very well that many people are afraid of medical procedures – that is why we make every effort to create a friendly atmosphere that allows our patients to feel comfortable.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the Altras iX hair transplantation and other baldness treatment methods and to contact our clinic.

ARTAS iX hair transplantation- a breakthrough technology for your needs


Dr n. med.Olga Warszawik-Hendzel


Specialist dermatologist and venereologist, aesthetic medicine doctor.

Mrs. Olga Warszawik-Hendzel graduated from the First Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw. She took specialization training at the Department of Dermatology CSK MSW and she currently works in the Department and Dermatology Clinic of the Medical University of Warsaw. In addition, the doctor is a lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine. Mrs. Olga Warszawik-Hendzel is also a lecturer at Postgraduate Studies in Aesthetic Medicine at the Postgraduate Education Center of the Medical University of Warsaw. She is also a member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology, International Dermoscopy Society, European Society for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology and the Association of Aesthetic Dermatologists.

The doctor specializes in performing procedures in the aesthetic medicine and highly advanced and modern methods of laser therapy. During her daily professional work, she deals with the full range of clinical and aesthetic dermatology, dermatosurgery and laser therapy. Mrs. Olga Warszawik-Hendzel’s special interests include diagnosis and treatment of scalp diseases, including excessive female and male hair loss. During her scientific activities, she mainly works on the early diagnostics of precancerous conditions and skin cancers using modern non-invasive skin imaging methods such as dermoscopy, videodermoscopy and confocal laser microscopy. The doctor has completed a dermoscopy course at the Medical University of Graz, Austria and a confocal laser microscopy course at the Medical University of Berlin. She is an author and co-author of numerous scientific publications. Mrs. Olga Warszawik-Hendzel constantly expands her knowledge in dermatology and aesthetic medicine by taking active part in conventions, courses and congresses in Poland as well as in other parts of the world.

Dr n. med.Olga Warszawik-Hendzel
lek. med. Marzena Janasik


Aesthetic medicine doctor

Phd Marzena Janasik has graduated from the Medical Academy in Lublin, Postgraduate Studies in Aesthetic Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw and Postgraduate Studies in Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology at Katowice Business University.

She is a member and participates actively in the activities of the International Association of Clinical and Aesthetic Triology at ICATA.

Phd Marzena Janasik is a member of the Aesthetic Medicine Section of the Polish Medical Association (SME PTL), Polish AntiAgeing Anti-Aging Medicine Association (PSAAM), Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine POLME.

She has been working as aesthetic medicine doctor since 2007.

Phd Marzena Janasik is a supporter of skin stimulation methods using advanced anti-aging procedures in combination with laser treatments which she mainly bases in the anti-aging medicine.

In regenerative medicine, the doctor uses stem cells to treat excessive hair loss in both women and men.

Phd Marzena Janasik constantly improves her professional qualifications by participating in numerous congresses, international symposia and scientific conferences as well as courses and trainings. In this way, she is able to use the latest achievements of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine as well as laser therapy in her everyday work. When it comes to the contact with patients, she has many years of experience in listening to the patient’s needs carefully and selecting treatment procedures individually to achieve the desired results.



Intelligent hair transplantation – ARTAS iX robot – Polish premiere for the media at the Elite Clinic, Hair Transplantation Center, leader in the Hair Transplantation and Hair Loss Treatment.

At the meeting with Journalists, our Experts Ph.D. Olga Warszawik – Hendzel, dermatologist, Ph.D. Marzena Janasik, aesthetic medicine doctor and Lidia Kwiatkowska, president of Elite Clinic presented the most advanced, intelligent hair transplantation method in the world – the latest generation robot with FDA certification.

It is a global breakthrough in hair transplantation methods. The technique was created in the USA and the Restoration Robotisc brand introduced it to the market in 2019. The hair transplantation using this technology is not only very effective, but also comfortable for patients. During one session, the robot accurately separates hair grafts thousands of times. The stereoscopic vision system and high resolution allow to find the best grafts to transfer. It is also worth emphasizing that this technique allows to transplant all the necessary hair structures – including stem cells which are responsible for its growth. As a result, hair after transplantation grows similarly like natural ones and the hairstyle regains its former character. More information: przeszczep-wlosow-artas.pl


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