Artas iX hair transplantation

ARTAS iX hair transplantation – a breakthrough technology for your needs

The robot’s operation is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm. The Artas iX system works under the supervision of a qualified doctor who identifies and harvests the best quality hair follicle sets. It is possible due to digital imaging: the system constantly calculates the exact position of the hair, angle and other parameters of each unit to get the optimal result.

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Artas iX hair transplantation does not require any special preparations. The doctor will inform the patient about the individual treatment guidelines. The patient may be asked to trim the hair where the transplant material will be collected. It will allow the Artas iX robot to visualize, track and collect hair units more accurately.

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Recovery after Artas iX hair transplantation is much shorter in comparison to most surgical procedures. It is all because the Artas iX procedure does not require a linear incision so the healing time is short and the patient can usually return to his/her daily activities within one or two days after the procedure.

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