How does the Artas iX hair transplantation work?

ARTAS iX hair transplantation – a breakthrough technology for your needs

What is Artas iX hair transplantation?

The robot’s operation is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm. The Artas iX system collects the best quality hair follicles under supervision of a qualified doctor. It is possible thanks to digital imaging: the system constantly calculates the exact position of the hair, its angle and other parameters of each unit to obtain the optimal result.

Is the hair transplantation safe?

Yes. The robot with Artas iX technology is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm. It does not only collect the best quality hair unit, but also implants it. This system helps the doctor to perform hundreds of precise, complicated and repetitive movements. In this way, there is a great chance to get rid of so-called human error.

What are the crucial advantages of the Artas iX method?

Currently, this is the best method when it comes to hair transplantation. It allows to collect perfect hair units, significantly increasing the graft survival. After the procedure, the hair in the donor area – in the place where the transplant material was collected from, grows back quickly and mixes with other surrounding hair, creating a natural and satisfying effect.

What are the effects of the Artas iX transplant?

Artas iX hair transplantation provides an exceptionally natural and long-lasting effect. In the majority cases, scars are minimal. Robot Artes iX enables effective hair transplantation without damaging the patient’s remaining hair.


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