ARTAS iX hair transplantation- a breakthrough technology for your needs


Intelligent hair transplantation – ARTAS iX robot – Polish premiere for the media at the Elite Clinic, Hair Transplantation Center, leader in the Hair Transplantation and Hair Loss Treatment.

At the meeting with Journalists, our Experts Ph.D. Olga Warszawik – Hendzel, dermatologist, Ph.D. Marzena Janasik, aesthetic medicine doctor and Lidia Kwiatkowska, president of Elite Clinic presented the most advanced, intelligent hair transplantation method in the world – the latest generation robot with FDA certification.

It is a global breakthrough in hair transplantation methods. The technique was created in the USA and the Restoration Robotisc brand introduced it to the market in 2019. The hair transplantation using this technology is not only very effective, but also comfortable for patients. During one session, the robot accurately separates hair grafts thousands of times. The stereoscopic vision system and high resolution allow to find the best grafts to transfer. It is also worth emphasizing that this technique allows to transplant all the necessary hair structures – including stem cells which are responsible for its growth. As a result, hair after transplantation grows similarly like natural ones and the hairstyle regains its former character. More information:


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