The period after surgery – effects and convalescence

ARTAS iX hair transplantation- a breakthrough technology for your needs

Is the hair transplantation procedure permanent?

Artas iX hair transplantation is usually a permanent procedure, unless the patient suffers from a very large baldness area, then another procedure can be performed after several months.

How long does the recovery period after procedure take?

Convalescence after Artas iX hair transplantation is much shorter in comparison to other surgical procedures. It is all because the Artas iX procedure does not require a linear incision so the healing time is short and the patient can usually return to his/her daily duties within one or two days after the procedure.

Artas iX hair transplantation: when should be the follow-up appointment?

The day after the hair transplantation, a follow-up appointment is recommended. During the appointment the doctor examines the skin, but also tells the patient how to care about the transplanted hair follicles. The graft taking lasts about three days. After that, the skin heals and a scab forms which can be gently wiped off after a few days.

When will be the effects of the Artas iX treatment visible?

Hair transplanted using the Artas iX method grows naturally, in the so-called phases. Transplanted hair needs time to develop its own blood supply. New hair is usually visible about three months after the transplantation and appears successively throughout the year. The satisfactory results can be seen within six months after the procedure and after a whole year the final effect of hair transplantation will be visible.

Are scars left after the Artas iX procedure?

Artas iX collects each hair unit separately (instead of removing a large area of the skin), so it does not create a linear scar as it happens in case of the “strip” method. As an outcome, Artas iX hair transplantation leaves minimal marks that are virtually undetectable when they are completely healed.


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